Welcome to BriovaRx®

BriovaRx® is more than a specialty pharmacy. We’re an educational resource for our patients. A 24/7 support system. A trusted advisor to every member of their care team. For more than 15 years, we’ve worked hard to ensure every patient gets the expert, personalized support they need to manage their complex conditions and prescribed medications.

As part of our patient-centric philosophy, we coordinate the efforts of providers, payers and manufacturers to keep treatment comfortable, efficient and successful. Our patients don’t have to manage their conditions alone — we’re in it together. And together we pursue not only good health, but everything our name stands for: energy, strength, vitality.

Personalized Care

Formerly known as MedfusionAscend, BriovaRx® is a truly patient-centric specialty pharmacy. Our staff of clinical experts personally guides patients through their prescribed treatments to ensure safe, effective and timely administration. We offer thorough education on all medications we offer, including injection teaching, and our proactive refill reminders and fast, free home delivery make it easy for patients to adhere to their treatments without disruption or delay.

Connecting communities

We maintain close contact with healthcare providers from start to finish, keeping them informed of their patients’ progress. We’re proud to participate in most major insurance carriers, and we work with providers and payers to help navigate the prior authorization process. And because we gain unique insight into patients’ experiences with their conditions and their treatments, we’re a valuable partner to pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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